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Principal’s Update – January 28, 2021

January 28, 2021

Dear Parents,

The Ministry of Education announced that the schools in the Ottawa area will be re-opening on Monday, February 1st.

All programs at Fern Hill School – Preschool, JK & SK, and Grades 1-8 will resume in-person on Monday, February 1st.

The teachers and I will be looking forward to seeing your children “in-person”.

When returning on Monday, please remember to bring in all your child’s books that were sent home for the Christmas break. They will be needed at school.

Note: This Friday afternoon (tomorrow, January 29th) many of the grades will have morning only classes. This is to allow the teachers to pack up the “home school” and return everything to school and get settled in the classroom.
Please double check with your child’s teacher if you have not heard from them.

I am sure that you share my thoughts in wanting to do all that we can to keep the school open. We will continue with the enhanced cleaning protocols in the classrooms and the common areas of the school, and we will also continue with the daily screening of each student.

Daily Screening
We will continue with the daily screening. Parents, please complete your child’s screening booklet each morning. This should be done by the parents in the morning, not the child. This will be crucial. During the month of December, approximately 20 % of the students arrived at school without the screening tool completed.

Your child was given a “January” Screening Booklet when we left school for the Christmas Break. Please use that Screening Booklet when we return to school on Monday, February 1st. If it has been misplaced, then your child will be given a new Screening Booklet on Monday when we return to school.

Please print and use the attached the Screening Tool sheet if you do not have your Screening Booklet. As well, I have attached the information that goes along with the screening tool – especially knowing what to do when your child is not well. It is very important that the OPH Guidelines continued to be followed.

Masks are required to be worn for all students in Grades 1 – 8. This is at all times during the day.

The JK and SK students should also have a mask. (They have been wearing them for most of the fall term, so this will not be new. The masks are also worn in the common areas of the school, i.e. hallways, washroom, gym, etc…)

Masks must also be worn outside, if it is not possible to maintain a safe distance.

I do have to say parents, I have been very impressed with the students; the children were very good last term with wearing masks, so I do not foresee a problem moving forward.

For masks – the medical grade disposable masks are recommended, rather than the cloth masks.
As well, doubling up on masks has been suggested, wearing the medical one underneath, and the cloth mask on top.

Please make sure to send extra masks to school with your child each day. (3 are suggested)

Parents, please make sure that you are wearing a mask when entering the school yard at drop-off and pick-up times.

Preschool families – It is recommended that the preschool children should also have a mask for the common areas of the school. We will have masks here at school that can be worn.

Keeping the office & teacher informed
If your child will be away from school, please remember to inform both your child’s teacher and the school office ( in the morning (or the day before if the absence is planned).

Please let us know the reason for your child’s absence.

Thank you parents for your continued support. We appreciate all your support with the virtual programming during the month of January.

I will continue to share information as it is received.

Kindest regards,

Deborah Gutierrez