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Science Week at Fern Hill

It happened again this year.  On February 26, Fern Hill School became a nucleus of scientific inquiry.  Yes, it was Science Week at Fern Hill and things got real!

The week was peppered with a variety of exciting visits, outings and events:

The Grade 1 class hosted the renowned Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo for a crash course in cute and creepy animal kingdom taxonomy. The students saw and touched an array of snakes, reptiles and other creatures that would make anyone’s skin crawl — all in the name of science!

Scientists in School, an organization that seeks to ignite scientific curiosity in children, dropped in on Grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 to share a scientific perspective on a variety of topics such as: sound, light, mathematics, matter, electricity and Osteology.  Oh, to be a kid again!

As for thinking “outside of the box”, Grades 2 and 3 left the confines of the school to take their quest for knowledge to the venerable Museum of Nature, where exhibits — permanent and visiting —captivated their young minds.  Back at school, the same students, along with the Grade 1 students, enjoyed a visit from Radical Science, a group that promotes scientific and ecological awareness among children through entertainment and hands-on learning.  It’s a proven fact: learning is fun!

The week was capped off by the annual Science Fair.  This is when the best and brightest minds in all of Fern Hill School (basically, all the kids in Grades 3-7) converge to present their original scientific research. Weeks of meticulous data collection and bulletproof experimental design were on display, held fast to cardboard backdrops by nearly-dry glue.  The children, now transformed into scientists, eagerly described their findings to teachers, classmates, and visitors. Parents were seen entering and leaving the school that day, proud of their children’s accomplishments and stoically pondering their future as world class academics, NASA engineers, Nobel laureates….

Fern Hill School is a private school on Vaughan St., in New Edinburgh.  It has a long tradition of nurturing young minds to prepare tomorrow’s leaders.  Science week is but one example of Fern Hill’s unique pedagogical approach, combining enriched educational programs with a wide range of extracurricular activities.