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At Fern Hill, we understand that children are individuals and we treat each one with respect. Our teachers empower every student with the confidence and independence to strive for success – in school and in life.

All Fern Hill programs embrace a holistic approach to learning, focusing on the complete development of each child. They feature a rich blend of academics, arts, athletics and extracurricular activities, all designed to stimulate young minds and encourage curiosity.

From Preschool to Grade School, Fern Hill emphasizes excellence in communication. Starting in Kindergarten, each of our programs includes frequent writing, reading and public speaking opportunities to teach and reinforce these essential life skills.

Our academic programs exceed the requirements prescribed by the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014. They are led by Fern Hill’s team of dedicated, certified teachers who have been with the school for many years. Our low teacher-to-student ratio in every program ensures that all our students have the opportunity to learn and grow in a caring, nurturing and enriching environment.

At Fern Hill, we welcome parents as partners in their children’s education and are committed to ensuring the best possible learning environment for each student. You are always invited to consult with us about your child’s specific needs, interests and abilities.


Our Preschool program emphasizes play-based learning, encouraging children’s natural curiosity to explore and discover new activities and skills. The program provides continuous development in all areas: social, emotional, physical and academic. Fern Hill’s low student-teacher ratio ensures that all students are properly supervised as they explore and discover.

Through free play, Preschool students engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, such as puzzles, art, water and sand, books, blocks and much more. Depending on their age, children participate in individual, parallel or co-operative play. They also enjoy group activities during circle time, in which they focus on a variety of concepts, including sizes, shapes, sounds, colours and numbers.

Fern Hill’s Preschool program also touches on the concepts of literacy, numeracy and language, in preparation for Kindergarten. Our expert teachers carefully choose activities designed to enhance pre-reading and pre-math skills. In addition, students are introduced to French through songs and games, and exposed to music, both by their teachers and special guests.


Fern Hill’s Junior and Senior Kindergarten curriculums are designed to expand on areas of development started in Preschool. Our program builds on literacy, numeracy and language skills, with an emphasis on success.

Kindergarten students are introduced to Core French each morning, Extended French on select afternoons, and music and gym programs twice a week.

Fern Hill teachers and staff create a team atmosphere that models co-operation and positive group behaviour. With our low student-teacher ratio, teachers are able to work with small groups of children, enhancing their studies in phonics, mathematics, science and more.

Both our Junior and Senior Kindergarten classes regularly host guest speakers to complement their study units. Visitors include Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo and Radical Science.

We also take field trips to enhance the learning experience. Outings include hands-on, practical trips, such as visits to the local grocery store, where we identify nutritious snacks, as well as more cultured destinations. Fern Hill Kindergarten students visit places such as the National Arts Centre and the National Gallery of Canada, taking advantage of our prime location in Canada’s capital.


Working with students from Grades 1 to 8, Fern Hill takes an integrated approach to our Grade School programs. We emphasize the development of strong academic skills, as well as student confidence in their ability to succeed.

Our experienced teachers provide continuous, connected learning experiences in languages, mathematics, social studies and science. We also incorporate specialty subjects into the curriculum, including art, music, technology, physical education and French (Core and Extended programs).

Fern Hill’s low student-teacher ratio allows for a strong support system and highly personalized attention to each child, enabling us to offer academic enrichment opportunities, as well as academic support when needed. In addition, our Grade School programs incorporate frequent hands-on learning experiences and field trips, including visits to outdoor nature venues, museums, and various embassies and high commissions.

Fern Hill Grade School students can also choose to participate in our Extended Curriculum program. This optional program is offered after school to select grades, and features specialized classes, including math, science and gym, to enrich our students’ regular studies. The Extended Curriculum is led by Fern Hill’s exceptional teachers and is available to our students at no additional cost.


Physical Education

Physical activity is an important part of the Fern Hill experience. As longstanding members of the Ottawa Independent Schools Athletic Association, we ensure that all our students have the opportunity to strengthen and develop their bodies while exploring their physical abilities.

Fern Hill’s regular gym program is enhanced by several additional activities offered through our Extended Gym Program, including:

  • Soccer
  • Yoga
  • Tennis
  • Dance
  • Skating

We also participate in a variety of competitions. Our student athletes proudly embrace their title as Fern Hill Hawks at soccer games, cross-country races, and track and field meets, throughout the Ottawa area.

Art & Music

Art and music are integral to Fern Hill’s curriculum. We introduce our students to music in Preschool, and build on that foundation as the children progress through Kindergarten and into Grade School. Proficient Fern Hill music teachers lead our students in performing several concerts during the school year.

Our art teachers skilfully impart their expertise to students of every age, instructing them in the elements of colour, texture, form, space, line and shape. Fern Hill children experiment with painting, drawing, sculpting and creating mosaics. They also learn about artists through the ages, and take part in multicultural art studies.

We enhance our art and music curriculum by exposing Fern Hill students to cultural institutions and events within the city. Field trips include visits to the National Arts Centre and the National Gallery of Canada.



We introduce French to our Preschool children through songs and games led by Fern Hill’s talented teachers. Our Core and Extended French programs start in Kindergarten. Junior and Senior Kindergarten students benefit from 30 minutes of Core French instruction each morning, as well as two afternoons per week of Extended French instruction, including circle activities, art and academic programming.

Beginning in Grade 1, students enter our Core French program that includes 45 minutes of daily French study. Grade School students have the option of participating in our enriched Extended French program, which offers additional French classes to further develop their skills in speaking, reading, writing, spelling and verb conjugation. Students in the enriched Extended French program also create presentations and complete mini research projects.

Please note: The enriched Extended French program is designed for Grade School students who have good academic standing in English and Core French. Our Fern Hill French teachers will gladly consult with you to determine whether the program is a good fit for your child.


At Fern Hill, we integrate technology into the overall learning experience. Classrooms are equipped with the latest resources, including laptops, iPads and interactive Smart Boards.

From Grades 1 to 8, Fern Hill students enjoy engaging activities and assignments that introduce them to computers, iPads and the Internet, developing essential skills that will help ensure both their success and their safety. Topics include typing, coding, use of various Microsoft programs, and responsible use of the Internet.



Fern Hill School offers childcare before school, starting at 8:00 a.m., and after school, from 3:10 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (A specific homework time is designated for Grade School students in the After School Care program.) Parents can book Before School and/or After School Care for their children on a monthly basis or use the programs as required. Additional fees apply.


Students can augment their school experience with a variety of activities led by professionals in their field. Activities are available in three eight-week sessions throughout the year, one for each term. They include inspiring and motivational lessons in dance, jiu-jitsu, chess, healthy cooking, and piano. Parents can register for these programs at the beginning of the school year. Additional fees apply.

To learn more about Fern Hill’s Before and After School Care programs and activities, please call 613-746-0255 or email Deborah Gutierrez: