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Technology at Fern Hill School

When the Grade School children returned to school in September, they were very excited to see that all of the Grade School classrooms are now equipped with the newest models of interactive SMART Boards. This initiative began a year ago when Fern Hill purchased its first two SMART Boards. The boards were a huge hit with the teachers and students. The interactive boards allow teachers to create fun, but educational lessons that enrich the curriculum. The children enjoy the touchscreen capabilities, which allow them to touch the board and interact with the learning material – manipulating maps to learn about physical geography, rotating objects to learn about the properties of shapes, or exploring different parts of the body to learn about human anatomy. The SMART Boards bring lessons to life and learners of all types are able to actively participate in these virtual lessons.

Fern Hill recognizes that technology is an essential part of the future. By including various forms of technology in the classroom, such as SMART Boards, laptops, and iPads, students leave Fern Hill with the necessary skills for their middle and high school years. Students often express their excitement about learning when technology is involved, which positively impacts their education and classroom experience.

Thank you to the Fern Hill families who provided donations and participated in the various fundraising programs. This made it possible to update our Grade School classrooms to meet the needs of the ever increasing digital world. Not too bad for a building that was built in the 1950s!