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Helping Others

During the month of December, the students at Fern Hill participated in a very special tradition that not only builds school spirit, but supports the community as well.
The Snowsuit Fund is a local organization that provides 17,000 new snowsuits to the children of Ottawa every winter. Fern Hill School has been an active supporter of this charity and every year, students and staff come together to raise funds for this important cause.
The Snowsuit Drive began in November as the students rallied together, decorating collection bins, and fostering a sense of good-natured competitiveness as different teams in the school try to bring in the most donations. This has been a true learning experience for students, particularly the eighth graders, as they have had the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills by organizing and coordinating the fundraising efforts.
The Snowsuit drive also fosters a sense of school spirit. As part of the fundraiser, students had the opportunity to donate to the fund and in return they were able to wear festive head gear to school. It’s a fun reward for the students but it also demonstrates that even the smallest act of kindness can have an impact.