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IMPORTANT – Update from Ottawa Public Health

Dear Parents,

Below please find an important update from Ottawa Public Health (OPH).
It is effective immediately.

When your children develops ANY symptoms you should be contacting OPH. (Please advise the school that your child will be absent and the reason why. Please email as well as your child’s teacher.)

Since cases are on the rise in the city, anyone with any “new onset” symptoms, (not resulting from pre-existing conditions like asthma, allergies, etc… ) needs to get tested if they have ANY symptoms.

All family members (siblings) need to isolate until the test results are received for the child in question.

Siblings cannot attend school during that time. Siblings are only able to return to school return when test results for the tested child are returned (negative).

The child who was tested needs to wait 24hrs AFTER their last symptoms before returning to school, even if there is a negative test result.

Siblings of child who is tested can return to school (once the test results come back for the tested child) if they are symptom free.

** These changes are likely due to the increased number of Covid cases in the city.

The phone number for the Ottawa Public Health is (613) 580-6744.

Anyone requiring testing will need to make an appointment.
All appointments are made on the Ottawa Public Health website.

Note: Parents can choose to not get their child tested and instead self-isolate for 14 days. The child can return to school after 14 days AND if they are symptom free for 24 hours.

It is not enough to stay home for 24 hours with symptoms and then return to school (unless you have a pre-existing condition).
Everyone exhibiting a symptom must now be tested according to Ottawa Public Health.
(While there are other rules & restrictions in other cities/regions, we must follow the guidelines from Ottawa Public Health.)
We will inform you of any changes as they occur.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. This is much appreciated during this difficult time.